The dynamic of the Chinese economy remains strong after the change of government in spring 2013. The same applies despite certain fluctuations to the development of the German-Chinese economic relations. That is why Germany will also this year remain by far China’s most important trading partner in the EU. Likewise, China is since long our most important trading partner in Asia. Despite a gradual liberalization, China is still marked by a special legal environment, which plays a considerable role for the economic success or failure of foreign investments.

Since more than 10 years PELTZER SUHREN has specialized in the consultancy on China business. Via our Shanghai and Hannover offices we advice and represent both German and European companies on their business activities in China as well as Chinese companies and investors on their projects in Germany or Europe.

The German and Chinese lawyers of our China group have a long experience in the legal support of projects in China. They are very familiar with the special legal and actual conditions on spot and have developed a stable and proven network of relations to Chinese administrations at all levels, Chinese law firms, patent and trademark agencies as well as certified auditors. Moreover, due to our strategic partnership with the Chinese top five Law Firm ZHONG YIN we are in a position to practically cover all areas of Chinese law at highest level.

Our Chinese group provides especially the following services:

1. Foreign Investments in China

  • Planning, foundation and acquisition of companies
  • Check of permission and feasibility of projects
  • Foundation of representative offices, joint venture companies, wholly foreign owned enterprises and holding companies
  • Business location search
  • Identification of Chinese joint venture partners
  • Due Diligence checks of all kind
  • Restructuring, especially transfer of shares, merges and liquidations

2. Trade Law

  • Contracts and negotiations, especially international sales and distribution contracts, agency contracts, franchise contracts, general terms of business
  • Support for development of distribution systems
  • Customs clearings and import procedures
  • Transport and Maritime Trading law

3. Intellectual Property Protection

  • Advice on technology protection, especially drafting and negotiating of technology transfer contracts
  • Application for registration of protected rights, especially trademarks and utility rights
  • Actions to pursue infringements of protected rights

4. Labour Law

  • Contracts and negotiations, especially labour contracts according to Chinese law
  • Support for human resource questions of all kinds, including search for personnel

5. Debt Collection

  • Research and solvency checks of Chinese debtors
  • Enforcement of payment claims against Chinese debtors, correspondence in Chinese, settlement negotiation with Chinese debtors

6. Litigation, Conflict Solutions

  • Advice on conflict solutions, settlement negotiations
  • Representation in arbitration at CIETAC and SHIAC
  • Advice on state court procedures

7. Chinese Investments in Germany / EU

  • Planning, foundation and acquisition of companies
  • Application of residence permissions for managing directors, employees and family members of Chinese investors
  • Negotiations with German / European business partners
  • Drafting and check of international contracts of all kind
  • Protection and defense of intellectual property rights
  • General business terms
  • Debt collections against German / European debtors

Contacting persons:

Dr. Horst Suhren, M.C.L., Partner, hsuhren(at) 
Wenqi Niu, Partner, niu(at)