If it proves impossible to avoid legal proceedings, whether to enforce your claims or to defend yourself against claims of others, you can rely on our many years of forensic experience in both state courts and arbitration tribunals. This applies in particular to disputes that cross national frontiers.

A special focus of our activities comprises conflicts in matters relating to national and international commercial or company law as well as labour disputes.

Our lawyers participate regularly in international arbitration proceedings, i. a. ICC, CITAC, Swiss Chambers Court of Arbitration and Mediation.

We consider it to be a particular strength of our law firm that we are able to select between various forms of conflict solution, or to combine them in order to arrive at the best possible results for our clients.

Our activities include in particular:

  •     Involvement in out-of-court negotiations
  •     Conflict resolution through mediation and conciliation
  •     State court proceedings in Germany and abroad
  •     National and international arbitration proceedings