The law firm has been founded on 27.12.1929 by Dr. Kurt Oehms and has since then its offices in the stock exchange building of Hannover.

The law firm developed from its beginning special expertise in the areas of Civil Law and Business Law as well as Insurance Law.

In 1969, Helmut Peltzer and Gerhard Suhren joined the law firm as new partners. Eventually, the firm changed its name to PELTZER SUHREN. Over the last decades, PELTZER SUHREN sharpened its profile as a well respected business law firm in the region of Hannover.

Due to the internationalization and growing importance of the China-business, PELTZER SUHREN opened in 2006 own offices in Shanghai, to serve even better the interests of the German and Chinese clients on spot in China.

Since then PELTZER SUHREN has further adjusted itself to serve the needs of its clients in the international business field. Today, the law firm is one of the leading internationally oriented law firms in the region.